I have been rooted for the past seven months. Rooted in place. Rooted in time. But it is also a time to reflect on my roots. My identities--those tied to a time and space, whether it is work, school or friends--have merged together inside my room into something I can barely recognize. Individuals are rooted in isolation, trapped behind their screens, and separated from one another--either by six feet or an abstract digital distance. But in this chaos and isolation, we discover bonds in the unlikeliest of places, like a flower blooming from the sidewalk crevice. In unity, let us stay resilient and live beautifully.

ROOTED is part UNITY, a Malaysia-based projection mapping project presented by Filamen. Digital artists from around the world were invited to create a 1-minute long piece, capturing their individual quarantine experiences. Each piece is designed for and projection mapped onto an upside-down triangular prism, a physical form symbolic of unity in today's world. Originally intended for a live showing in Kuala Lumpur in December 2020, UNITY became a digital exhibition, after repeated delays and COVID-related regulations. 

See the full project on Filamen's site: https://wearefilamen.com/unityvirtualexhibition/

Soundtrack used: RahXephon OST "Door of Adolescence," by Ichiko Hashimoto. 

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