BOOTYFUL is an interactive single-player VR experience built in Unity. In the game, the player is a makeup artist tasked with applying makeup for a giant impatient face looking up from the floor. The catch is that everything can only be controlled through the player’s hips. While normal VR experiences are controlled by two hand held remotes, BOOTYFUL features a single remote strapped around the user’s waist, forcing the player to squat, twirl, and rotate their hips to use the various makeup tools. 

The act of makeup is associated with delicacy and elegance. We want to exploit this sacred routine by incorporating a body part that is generally not viewed as gentle or graceful. By exploring this act with an “unsophisticated” or “hard to control” body part in VR, the player will focus more on their agency in the game rather than their movements seen from the real world. The result is a displeased customer who is not too fond of someone’s bottom clumsily smudging all over her face. 

Besides the company of her giant face, the player is placed in a room half resembling a makeup salon, half resembling the inside of a makeup kit. Above is a mirror, held up by her hand. A basic palette, along with tools line the floor. The room is space-mapped to the actual physical play space. The palettes, meant for the player to ‘dip’ their bottom in, are actual benches in reality. Walls and cushions correspond directly with components in the virtual scene.

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